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Lulu Abe

I am an illustrator and fashion designer. The experience and artistic sensibility I refined through my fine arts education (BFA), enabled me to develop a visual poetic.  The fashion world is a profound inspiration for my artwork, so the aesthetics refer to fashion editorials, Rococó art, and fairy tales. My images are created to transmit sensations and create an atmosphere where garments tell stories, where the mood of affection is everywhere, and where beauty can be cultivated.



I do bespoke artwork because I consider that will make your project feel unique and dazzle like magic

listen to understand, sensibility to research, and to create to marvel


I work mainly with advertisement, editorial, publishing, Luxury, and fashion industries, where my clients have high exigences and higher expectations. To achieve this result I rely on a process that begins with talk to understand the client’s needs in order to make every Project have an assertive approach, allowing me to make informed decisions and deliver the best possible outcome.  Meet the steps of the method :


1. dream wavering (the briefing)

Every sewing begins with the first stitch

The beginning of our method involves actively listening, conducting a briefing, and understanding the client’s needs for the project. This includes delving into their business, understanding their market, and strategizing how we can make a difference together.

2. Soirée with the muses (brainstorming/ moodboard)

The muses can give us inspiration, but first, they must be invited through preparation

"This step is dedicated to brainstorming based on the briefing, researching references, and creating a moodboard that will visually guide the illustration. Here, the flow of creativity will lead us to a breakthrough."


3. Croquis of sensibilities (Sketching)

The pontiff between the ideal and material

"Here is where the first sketches will take place. Everything that was thought will be put into practice, and here the client will have a glimpse of the illustration’s final form. Also, here we’ll have the freedom to choose and test the possibilities."


4. Tailoring poétiques (Painting/ production)

"Like silk sewn together to form a dress, so shall be the verses that form a poem,

as said Horace: 'Ut pictura poesis' – 'as is painting so is poetry'.

The moment of painting is where our efforts of the previous steps come to fruition. To reach its pinnacle, our illustration's colors, shapes, composition, and all pictorial elements are beautifully articulated."

5. Aprés un revé (Delivery)

The final step on a runway before the curtain falls

"As the project concludes and the illustrations are completed, it is time to present the results of the process to our clients through the finalization and delivery of the documents."

Did my methodology

interest you? 

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